COVID-19 Preparedness & Updates

Opus takes a broad approach to business continuity, including consideration of potential effects of an outbreak such as COVID-19.  Whilst we are currently experiencing no known impact to our operations and services—we are providing this information regarding our preparedness.
Our business continuity plan is comprehensive and details efforts across a multitude of scenarios, including a pandemic response. The goal of our plan is to ensure continued operations, using amongst other measures, a multi-jurisdictional delivery approach across our shared service teams.

Specific to COVID-19, we are providing the following outline of key preparedness activities:
Impact to Services

1. There is currently no known impact to our services, nor our ability to manage and support the delivery of our services.

2. All services are cloud-based and scale dynamically by shifting critical functions to staff in backup locations. We have confirmed appropriate capacity for staff to work remotely at scale and have begun implementing work from home across our global offices.

Impact to Location

1. Though each office location has been impacted by COVID-19 differently, we are capable of maintaining and managing the delivery of our services through our global presence.

2. We employ a security first approach to the provision and delivery of our services, designed for remote administration.

3. We have the ability to shift critical functions to employees in backup locations, on a need’s basis.

Impact to Employees

1. Employees responsible for managing and delivering our services have adequate resources to work remotely.

2. We can shift critical functions to backup locations which allows time sensitive support should employees fall ill.

3. Whilst Opus puts the safety and well-being of our employees at the forefront; our defense-in-depth approach generally allows for uninterrupted delivery of our services.

This high-level summary does not include all the exhaustive measures relating to our business continuity efforts. The goal of our plan remains to provide our clients with the best service possible.
Please check back for continued updates.